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Our Vision

Make artists and artisans economically independent by providing them with better customer access and higher margin.


What We Offer

You can do it all from buy, sell, learn, to appreciate the artists and craftsman (the headline is an extract from about us). 

Dhayas is a one -stop platform for art lovers, dealers, collaborators, artist and artisans. With highest transparency standards we deliver e-Platform for Artists & Artisans to save them from the struggle to sell art. At Dhayas, we offer online courses and workshop for art enthusiasts. With the aim for development of art, Dhayas has pioneered Art Residency concept, alike for novices and masters, to showcase their artwork. (alternative- To experience our personal rendition that will melt your heart with its countryside artistic charms) To warm your heart with some laid back rustic charm and in-house special brew you can also visit our Art cafe at the location in the contact us page.

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Even though we all are surrounded by art very few acknowledge its worth. Dhayas is a movement that aims to propagate art and bring ‘lasting positive’ or indelible positive mark  change in society. We understand we need to be critical and positive at the same time in our attempt to illuminate the highest viable potential of artwork that could lead to upliftment of artist and artisans. We wish to make art more popular and well-paid career for the future generations. 

Your support will make the movement stronger.

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P.s. Indelible word is used in reference to movement.



5 Dying Art

5 Dying Arts



Why Art Matters

Why Art Matters