Abstract Art: Creating a new vision of reality

When you think of art, you might think of realistic looking portraits and landscapes, but there’s a whole school of art doing the exact opposite of conventional traditions. 
Abstract art, which involves using colours and shapes to create something independent from reality, has the power to evoke emotional responses from the viewer. Starting from the 19th century, artists like Kandinsky, Matisse and Pollock, amongst others, popularized abstract art. 
Here, the emphasis is on spontaneity and improvisation. The innovative switch from painting realistic artwork that merely attempted to create an illusion of a perfect picture to abstract creations that focuses on creating expressive and vibrant artwork is now revered by museums across the world. 
In fact, abstract art is not limited to canvas. It is also present around us- in nature, architecture and everyday design. We are constantly surrounded by art in various forms, all we need to do is look more closely to appreciate it. 
At @DhayasFoundation, we support and bring you closer to different art forms, helping you understand art better.

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