Technology And Art Work Together- Not Apart

Technology has undeniably changed the art world. Compounded by the efforts of the pandemic, technology has played an enormous role in how art has disseminated more widely. In fact, in the pandemic, many people are getting introduced to the world of art be it through virtual museums, art websites or organisations like Dhayas Foundation.

However, there has been considerable debate over whether technology aides artistic endeavours or dilutes it.

The technological revolution has created new platforms for art to be shared, discussed and appreciated. But does technology really go hand in hand with art?

A Diverse Audience
The Internet has opened up the world of art to an audience that is more diverse than ever before. Earlier, geographic or economic barriers made art inaccessible to many, but now, the greatest masterpieces of all time-with their history and context- are all available at the click of a button.

“The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.”

  • John Lasseter

Art has the power to tell extraordinary stories, stories which are now known to more people. Art is being introduced to new audiences due to the ease at which it is available.
Furthermore, art galleries can now do better marketing and showcase more collections to the world at large.

Artists Are In Control
Whist earlier, artists had limited opportunities to display, now, people, their gift to the world, now, the world is at their fingertips. Artists have the power to reach out to audiences at a more personal level- be it through social media or websites where they can sell their art online.

The artist wields power now- technology has helped give the control to the creatives, and so being tech-savvy people is a must for artists to keep up with the ever changing art landscape.


Digital Art- A New Era
There has been intense debate and discussion over whether digital art is ‘real’ or not, whether it dilutes the authenticity of the word ‘art’ itself. But no one can deny that this new form has helped more people to participate in the art world. Art is not just for the elite- anyone with passion and creativity can create art, and now, technology can aid people to achieve their artistic dreams.

And it’s not just digital art that technology has spawned. Technology has given the tools of creative outlets to artists, giving them the space ad resources to create bold and unexpected new art, because that is what defines art, meaningful and surprising work that evoked strong emotions from the audiences.

Though it can be used as a force for good, technology has its downsides. What is popular on the Internet ay not always be great art, and what is great may not be loved by everyone. But that’s the thing about art- most genre-defying masterpieces were rejected by the public when they were first released, but over time, their unparalleled excellence came to be appreciated.

It is up to the artist to make use of technology, especially the Internet, and let the world see their work. At Dhayas Foundation, we aim to help artists by providing them with space online, lifting them up.

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