art /ɑːt/ noun. the expression

unbound /ʌnˈbaʊnd/ verb. liberated

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YOU ___ ART!

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Our Vision

Creating a digital platform where art is original and boundless.

We are working towards providing digital platform and services to the Artists, and delivering original piece of art to the customers directly from the artists.

What We Offer

For artists

We are your digital partners. We understand that market gets tough, but the tough needs to get going! We are here to help – by providing pro-artists and artisans platform – eliminating the middlemen.

For Art Enthusiats

At Dhayas, sharing is the key! A platform where you can buy directly from the artists. Learn from the masters at the comfort of your home.
We make this process easier for you!

Meet the artists

We all look for someone who can help in creating something for you. We help you meet with the artists to discuss any project you need help with. Simply fill the form and we will contact you.

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All about art, we promise.

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