Size :- 24×36 inch

Medium :- Mix media on canvas

Artist :-  Ajay Mishra

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I paint a realistic portrayal of architectural buildings. I believe that a house is not mere assemblage of concrete and cement, rather it is suffused with past and human feelings and it is to show these ancient sensitivities, I paint them. In creating an image or work, I first, picture the image or idea, then sketch on paper, measure the image to size and then transfer it on to a surface to start painting My fondness for the architecture of Jaipur finds its roots in my Art College, a historic haweli representative of Jaipur's exquisite architecture, standing in the kishanpole bazar of the walled city. Its there that I sat face to face with the beauty and aesthetics of a structure, imbibed it and my soul forged a lasting relation in the 10 years I spent in service of art in Jaipur. It’s through the landscape classes in the first year at the college that I started painting the architecture which slowly became a passion and the initial Black and white canvasses, like the colorful heritage of pink city, became colourful. In my work, I paint the embellished haweli or home on a flat background. The reason for using a flat surface is that it enhances the drama in the canvas and the viewer relishes the space according to his or her own imagination. IN these paintings, the background is plain, brightly coloured and the architectural buildings is realistic. Most of the home or interiors showed in the work are of Rajasthan and mostly of Jaipur. , I Paint the pink city architectural building in my painting because i want to show one of the best planned city change with time and it architectural buildings is also change time by time. The conceptual background of these bright paintings is although bit grim as they depict the paradoxical approach of today’s civilization towards Rajasthan's heritage which faces acute danger from people's greed and the resultant glass and concrete jungles!


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